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We are a fully licensed and registered business located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please note that all prices on the website are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We are not your traditional comic shop by definition, we strive to go above and beyond with focus aimed at quality and variety. As subjective as it may be, we do our very best to carefully grade each comic as accurately and conservatively as possible. We also display detailed photos of both front and back covers of all issues for full transparency. On top of that, we offer unlimited flat-rate shipping anywhere in North America for just $20! With over 12 years of experience, we continue to grow and improve, day in and day out. Otherworldly Comics was established in Vancouver, BC in 2012, when Owner/Operator Brady Hughes rekindled his love for comic books and started actively collecting for the first time since he was a young kid. Since then, he has brought Otherworldly Comics to various social media platforms and many other selling platforms as well. In addition, he discovered a profound love for buying, selling and trading comics. After building a substantial following online, and becoming a house-hold name of sorts, Brady Hughes made the decision to bring Otherworldly Comics to the rest of the rapidly expanding universe! As fate would have it, in the middle of a supernova, this website was born! We look forward to serving our community and beyond, all while fulfilling your deepest comic book dreams and desires.

 Welcome to the celestial party!

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